I wanted to host my blog on a platform which is not tied to a single backend or stack, is dev friendly(git push deploys your app etc) and has a copious free tier. Also, ability to tweak around the look and feel and no-fluff things like markdown were attractive prospects. Openshift seems like a good fit and can’t complain so far. Oh, and did I mention its dev-friendly too? Ghost comes to mind when I think of a no-fluff blogging platform. I was able to tweak a ghost quickstart with a theme borrowed from here, and behold, ladies and gentlemen, the result is in front of you to judge.

Update(27th December 2015)

Lot of things changes since I hosted this blog. I figured that I was slowly iterating towards a CMS-y blog. Things like managing e-mail courses, contact forms, heavy editing, revisions etc. Things which are best done by a CMS(think Drupal). This blog is now powered by Drupal 7, Panopoly to be precise and hosted using DigitalOcean(Note: referral link).